If you’re gonna learn about money, it should at least be entertaining. Two average guys talk about Bitcoin and how it applies to pretty much every aspect of life in this “everyman”-style podcast.

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“Just a guy that decided to put togerher an entire podcast to convince 1 internet friend the glory that is Bitcoin, and only Bitcoin”


Father, leather worker, opinionated, Doug has been struggling to get out of the Matrix for years. He always knew there was something wrong, but after studying the monetary system and Bitcoin he now knows what’s wrong and how to fix it.


Season 5 Episode #5: The “Coinicarus” Episode

Summary Season 5 Episode #5: The “Coinicarus” Episode Phil  brings what may be the most positive and upbeat interview we’ve ever had. We talk about inflation, why we talk about Bitcoin, and of course Pleb Underground.  SPONSOR  Get $20 free when you sign up for River and purchase Bitcoin, and up to $10,000 free when…

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