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“Just a guy that decided to put togerher an entire podcast to convince 1 internet friend the glory that is Bitcoin, and only Bitcoin”


Father, leather worker, opinionated, Doug has been struggling to get out of the Matrix for years. He always knew there was something wrong, but after studying the monetary system and Bitcoin he now knows what’s wrong and how to fix it.


Season 4 Episode #9: The “Erik Cason” Episode

Summary We had another super thoughtful, intelligent, (and dare I say, winsome) Bitcoiner on the show this week. Are you guys getting tired of it yet?  Was Satoshi sent by God? Is there a Cult of Bitcoin? Can Jeff push Doug until he pops on cast? We’ll answer these questions. Plus we take a lot…More

Season 4 Episode #8: The “Death and Bitcoin” Episode.

Summary We went pretty deep this episode. I lost my brother to cancer and it made me think about a lot of things. We talk about Bitcoin and death and how the two are related. Jeff said some pretty smart shit. Hopefully you get something out of this. Legacy through Bitcoin, I suppose.  STOP WHAT…More

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